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We provide a service and a platform to successful families and their advisors, to help organize and manage the large volume of information, documents and data, that is associated with complex estates. We cater to our clients' unique needs, and work in a supportive role with their team of advisors.

Our Clients

Our clients are families with estate values ranging from $20 million to over $1 billion. Their estates include complex ownerships of trusts, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations. The common characteristic among our clients is not the value of their estates, but rather the complexity and the large amount of information involved.


Family Wealth Map synthesizes complex information so that estates can be viewed in their proper context.

Our Associates

Our associates are trained lawyers but they do not provide legal services or give advice. Their only role is to serve the organizational needs of our clients and their teams of advisors. Their knowledge and experience of complex estates makes gives them the ability to work efficiently and communicate effectively. 

Our Work

After meeting with our clients, we re-create the structure of their estates within our proprietary system.  We then add the supportive documentation and data to the structure This unique platform organizes the estate based on its ownership structure.

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