A Service and a Software for a prominent clientele and their advisors.


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About us

We are a professional service company with a unique and proprietary software designed specifically for the information management needs of large complex estates. Our work creates confidence among the client and their advisors that they have the most current and complete set of information about the estate.

Our Clients

Our clients are multi-generational families with estate values ranging from $20 million to over $1 billion. Their assets are held by trusts, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations that are owned, directly or indirectly, by members of the the client's family. The common characteristic among our clients is not the value of their estate, but rather the complexity of its structure.


Our Associates

Our associates have law degrees because of the complex nature of the subject matter and their need to communicate effectively with the client's advisors. Despite their credentials, however, they do not provide professional advice to our clients as their only role is to serve the informational needs of the team.

Our Work

Our work includes collecting information generated by the client's advisors, i.e. lawyers, accountants and financial advisors, then merging the legal and financial data so that the entire estate can be viewed in its proper context. Our software creates a platform from which the client's trusted advisors collaborate. We link original documents to the data so information can be verified directly from its source, and critical dates like deadlines, renewals and expirations can be monitored.

Family Wealth Map synthesizes information so that the client's estate can be viewed in its proper context.



Client Information Management or "CIM" is a new concept in the private-client practice. Currently, information is managed by each advisor separately. The result is a duplication of efforts and an inefficient use of time and resources. Information not shared with other advisors, leaves them with incomplete and outdated records. Spreadsheet programs and digital file storage are inadequate to manage information for large complex estates. A new approach is needed.


Our approach to CIM is new. We treat CIM as its own profession like law, accounting or finance. We are an integral member of the client's team, tasked with the responsibility of collecting, organizing and communicating information. And because we specialize in information management, we have the technology and expertise to make it efficient and cost-effective.

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